Cece is an 18 year old caucasion female who spends most of her time hanging out with her freaky darlings, doing photoshoots with anyone who will give her the time of day, listening to The Kills or The Smiths or something, going to shitty houseparties, and obsessing over the amazing blogs/writing/photography of people that are far more glamorous, talented, tattooed, and hip than she is. She is your average nobody who started this blog because she is a bored, angry, misunderstood teenager and her parents are totally ruining her life…. She lives in her grandma’s basement with a cat name Chris and two weiner dogs, Lola and Clovis. Clovis has a terrible underbite which makes her smile crookedly and look like she is always having withdrawals. Lola is a little twat who eats things that people care about. Like hats, and headphones, and brand new underwear. Cece Youmans writes sometimes and wears boots almost every day. Her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. Her favorite big kid activities are going to Roxy’s, ingesting copious amounts of alcohol, and watching way too many movies on Netflix. Her favorite directors are Andrea Arnold, Jeff Nichols, Antonio Campos, and Steve Mqueen. And David Fincher. Her heroes are ghosts, Kim Fowley, Banksy, jack White, Lewis Carroll, and Tyler Durden. Her favorite shows on tele include Misfits, Skins (the real life, bonafide UK version you bastards), Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone, and American Horror Story. Her favorite smokes are Marlboro Reds. She also likes to write about herself in the third person. No one knows why.

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